The Chihuahua History

When it comes to the true history of the Chihuahua, you are sure to hear various tales. Even though the Chihuahua is known to be from Chihuahua, Mexico his story begins long before this time. The various tales include the Spanish conquerors who brought small black and tan terrier types dog along with them when they invaded Mexico. The Spanish dogs were bred with the Techichi and thus developed the Chihuahua.

Another theory put forth is that the Chihuahua is actually of European descent. That it was the Spanish conquistadors that brought this dog with them to the New World. For proof, the people who support this theory point to the island of Malta where a small breed of dog existed that possessed a natural molera. A molera is like an open fontanel in a human child, a soft spot on the top of the skull where the three sections of the skull bone meet. The molera is extremely rare, and uncommon to other breeds of dog. The Chihuahua, however, does possess this natural molera, it is believed that this points to its descendants as being from Malta. Further proof is offered in of all places, the Sistine Chapel. A painting by Sondro Botticelli, completed in 1482, depicts a dog that is very much like today’s Chihuahua. Since this painting was completed before Columbus sailed for the New World, it offers proof that the dog is of European ancestry.

The last tale of ancestry for the Chihuahua is that Chinese developed this dog by creating miniatures from larger breeds of dogs.

No matter how the Chihuahua found its way to Mexico, it was discovered in the 1800’s and The one thing known is that this is the smallest breed in the world and is the oldest breed known to the American continent. This breed is known for being a great human companion to anyone and is known to be protective as well.

The Chihuahua fits the state of Mexico since it is known to love lying out in the sun and relaxing on hot days. The Chihuahua is not known as a worker type of breed and has always been known today and in the past as just a companion for humans.

The breed of Chihuahua is known to be a sacred breed by the Pre-Columbian nations.

As of today, the dogs are still used for what they are known for and that is for being a good companion. Chihuahua’s are also known for being good protectors from their history and are still to this day good protectors of their family. This breed is staying true to its history with being a nice companion of their masters and being good protectors for their masters as well.

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