How to choose a pet hair vacuum

So you are looking for the best vacuum for your dog? Although this task is not easy, it is very important that you identify the best features so that you can the pick best vacuum for pet hair removal.

Health problems like coughing, sneezing and other allergic reactions are common as a result of thin strands of pet hair being trapped in carpets. The vacuum helps you remove pet hair, allergens, dust and dirt from the house.

The right vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove pet hair with ease because it can be quite a pain to remove using bare hands or other ways. This cleaning device normally guarantees that hair will be removed from the house interior and you will work with comfort and peace of mind.

Not only does the vacuum cleaner help you avoid health problems but it also helps you keep the house neat since pet hair makes the house look unsightly.

Below are some features and technologies you should look for when searching for the right vacuum for dog hair removal.


The ideal pet vacuum should come with features that remove as much hair as possible. The must have features include: heavy-duty roller brushes in the base of the vacuum that can grab and pull in pet hair from deep in carpet fibers, one or more good pet hair attachments and very strong suction. These will ensure your floors and furniture are free of fur.

Pet Hair Attachments

You should pick a vacuum with a set of pet hair attachments; their work is to remove pet hair from stairs and furniture. Even when being used with an attachment, the vacuum should still retain suction strength. The choices can be non-powered attachments that are used on upholstery or a powered attachment with a roller brush; the best choice for stairs.

Heavy Duty Roller Brushes

In order for the vacuum to suck up hair effectively, you will need a powerful roller brush action that will loosen the hair and release it from the carpet fibers.

Roller Brush

It is important to choose a vacuum that matches your carpets, for instance, you will need even more power from the roller brush to deal with a deep pile carpet.

Many vacuums have an option to turn roller brushes off for hard floors (like tile and wood floors). This is because they are ineffective when picking up pet hair from hard surfaces.

Suction Strength

To remove pet hair, you will need suction strength; the most strength is normally offered by high-end vacuums. The suction in a vacuum can be increased by wide hoses that will not jam. Vacuums can now retain suction strength throughout a vacuuming task thanks to modern technology in vacuums like the Dyson line.

The Filters

Vacuum cleaners normally come with filters; they are useful in cleaning the air. In order to guarantee efficiency, you have to ensure that you get a model that complies with HEPA standards. Any pet hair vacuum cleaner must meet or exceed an ability to capture 99.97% of allergens.

Types of pet hair vacuums

Different needs have pushed manufacturers to consistently improve on hair removal technology by introducing different vacuum designs. The type of pet vacuum you need depends on how heavy your pet’s shedding is, the size of the space and the type of flooring you have in your home. There are 3 main types of vacuums, they include: upright, canister and robotic.

Upright Pet Vacuums

Upright Pet Vacuum

Upright vacuums are easier on your back and easy to move around the house, however, they can be challenging to use on stairs.

Some of the top brands like Dyson and Shark mainly sell upright vacuums. They also make specialized upright pet vacuums which are designed to effectively trap and suck in more pet hair.

They are often effective at picking up pet hair on multiple flooring surfaces including tile and carpet.

They are ideal for people with back problems, carpet and bare floor mix.

Canister Pet Vacuums

Canister Pet Vacuum

They are some of the most powerful vacuums the market has to offer. Compared to upright vacuums, they are much easier to operate on stairs and hence ideal for multiple floor surfaces.

Because of the ease of using multiple attachments and the length of the hose attached to the canister, it may be easier to use on furniture but these vacuums can be a little harder on the back during vacuuming.

Bissell and Dirt Devil are some of the affordable brands. On the other hand, you can get the expensive high-end brands such as Dyson; they normally have a longer lifespan. They are best for large homes, heavy-duty pet hair removal and stairs.

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic Vacuum

Although they may not be effective in getting tough pet hair out of carpets, these vacuums are quite impressive, moving around the room and continuously picking up dirt. They are less powerful than other types of vacuums and not good for removing hair from furniture.

They work best on hard, bare floors like tile or wood and they are useful in keeping away the constant reappearance of pet hair on your floors.

You should also note that some pets can be fascinated by these vacuums and hence they may attack or chase it.

They are best for bare floors and regular light duty hair cleanup.

Factors to consider when choosing the vacuum


The vacuum cleaners come with different features and they also vary from high end models to low budget models. It is important to note that the price tag does not necessarily define the performance of the cleaner. Only pick the vacuum cleaner that has the features you need.

Number and Size of Pets

You should go for a high-end vacuum when dealing with pets with heavy shedding or if you have a lot of pets; this helps to continually remove pet hair without struggling or clogging. A lighter-duty vacuum is all you need if you have a pet that does not shed heavily.

For instance, Staffordshire Bull Terrier does not shed a lot, however, they are likely to have a heavy shed once a year.

Don’t let the small size fool you, Chihuahuas also shed. Generally, smooth-coat dogs of this breed shed more than long-coat Chihuahuas. Just like many dogs, they shed more fur during the summer and spring seasons when their winter coat isn’t required anymore.

Where Your Pet Sleeps

A vacuum that deals with floors and upholstery is recommended for pets that like sleeping on the furniture. For effective removal of the pet hair from furniture and floors, choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with good furniture cleaning attachment and a long hose.

Size and Layout of Your Home

The powerful upright vacuums are the best when dealing with large homes because they clean faster and with fewer passes. You should choose a vacuum with a stair attachment and a long hose for a home with a lot of carpeted stairs. Canister vacuums can be difficult to pull around a large home and hence it can take a long time to vacuum.


Choosing the best vacuum should be guided by the specific needs in your home. Pet vacuums can be robotic, canister or upright. Your choice should be influenced by factors like the type of your floor, where your pets lie, how many pets you have, the size of your home, the type of pet and how heavily they shed.

Choose the vacuum that suites your home in to make the job of cleaning floors and furniture easier. It should come with pet hair attachments, heavy-duty roller brushes and a good suction.

If you put the above factors into consideration, it will be an easy task to pick up pet hair from floors and furniture.

Since very few people own a separate vacuum for pet hair, it is highly recommended that you should pick a vacuum that can also be used for general cleaning.

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