Plants Can Kill Your Dog

We all know that dogs can be deadly to plants, but do you know which plants can also harm your dog. Most of the plants listed will only make your dog sick, but some can kill. If you believe your dog has eaten or even chewed on any of the following plants, call your veterinarian immediately.

American yew Delphinium Mock orange
Angel’s trumpet Elderberry Moonweed
Apricot, Almond English holly Mushrooms & Toadstools
Arrowgrass English yew Oleander
Azalea Foxglove Peach tree
Bird of paradise Hemlock Pokeweed
Bittersweet Jasmine Privet
Black locust Jimsonweed Rhododendron
Buttercup Larkspur Rhubarb
Castor bean Lilly of the valley Skunk cabbage
Cherry tree Locoweed Soapberry
China berry Lupine Spinach
Coriara Mescal bean Tomato vine
Daffodil Mistletoe Wisteria

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